Services That We Provide

  • Tractor trailers, buses, RVs, campers, vans, pickups and more
  • Touch-free wash
  • Friction wash
  • Foam conditioner
  • Spray-on wax
  • Rust inhibitor
  • Spot-free rinse
  • De-icing/de-mudding
  • Undercarriage wash
  • Dry box & reefer trailer washouts (no tankers or livestock trailers)
  • Dry box & reefer trailer sanitization
  • Engine wash
  • Self-serve vacuum
  • Self-serve pet wash


Handwash Tractor w/ Brushing$55.00
Tractor/Trailer Handwash$85.00
Car Hauler$90.00
Service Truck$25.00–$40.00
(by size)
Side-by-Side/ATV/Golf Cart $10.00–$25.00
(by mud coverage)
Express Tractor Only$45.00
Tractor/Trailer Express$70.00
Dump Truck$55.00
Straight Truck$55.00
Hopper Bottom Washout$50.00 up
Trailer Washout$40.00 up
Acid/Brightener TR – $15.00
TRLR – $20.00
Both – $30.00
Tire Dressing$1.50/tire
Weather Guard (Rainx)TR – $3.00
TRLR – $5.00
Both – $7.00
Engine Wash$10.00
Degreaser – $15.00
Undercarriage WashFree with every wash!

Payment Options

Cash, EFS, Comchek, Visa, Mastercard, American Express, and most other major credit cards.

We also offer fleet accounts. 

104 E Trefz Dr.
Marshall, IL 62441

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